Windows 8: Will It Catch Up With Competitors?

Windows 8 released recently as the Re-Creation of Windows has turned a few heads. According to those at Mashable, the new system is just as fast as iOS. The operating system was released as an operating system for tablets that will also work on notebooks, laptops and desktops. Installing Windows 8 is as easy as downloading from their website. It is about time Windows got up to speed, because its major competitors have been racing ahead in the last 6 months, and Windows 8 has been all talk, and not much reality. Let’s have a look at what has been going on while Windows has been talking about the future release of Windows 8.

  • Chromebooks. Personal computing has been an expensive exercise for a long time. This is not just because we have had to spend thousands of dollars on new machines, every couple of years, operating systems are not cheap. That is until the Chromebook was released. At 20 dollars a month with online access included (for students), the Chromebook was released and has been at the top of the Amazon sales list ever since. The Chromebook looks like any other simple laptop but it is very different. The operating system is not on the computer and is actually the Chromium browser. The applications are free and they are all cloud-based applications, as is the whole operating system of the computer. The 20 dollar a month deal for students includes all upgrades, both software and hardware for the 3 year life of the deal. What that really means is there will be no hardware upgrades, and there is no need for software upgrades because the whole system is online and a part of the Chrome browser. If you have problems with managing the software in your business computers, check this article about How to Choose a Software Consulting Firm.
  • OSX Lion. Apple has always been able to defy the normal economics of the consumer market. The iPad and the iPhone have penetrated the normal personal computing market because they have been so functional and they have just worked so well. They do not have any problems, bugs and other issues associated with personal computing. Apple then released the Lion OSX, for a measly 30 dollars. The operating system brings together all the features of the iPhone, iPad, and the OSX into on cheap and very functional operating system. I love Apple, and I must admit, the Lion OSX is an excellent operating system. I normally wait before I buy something new from Apple, because I expect there to be bugs that come along with it. This was not the case with the OSX.
  • App Stores. Both the Chromium system and the OSX/iOS systems have had application stores for some time. This has meant consumers know where to get applications for their operating systems, and those applications have been approved, they do not contain malware, and they work well.

The Windows 8 upgrade is yet to be priced although it was demonstrated working on a tablet at the recent BUILD conference in California. The system was released as an operating system for tablets, and is said to work just as well on any other device. With Chromebooks selling so well, and the iPad into the second generation of devices, the question remains, will Windows 8 be able to catch up to its competitors in a market that is so far down the road. Mobile computing is the way of the future, and installing Windows will mean a big change for those who have already committed to other operating systems.

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