The Basics of How Google Works with Social Media

Twitter marketing and Facebook marketing, and just about all social networking sites, and all social media marketing will influence Google results because of the links are being monitored by Google’s spiders. Despite these changes being very new to the world of SEO (search engine optimisation), the results of those changes have been instantaneous. Now that Google+ is on the scene, we have more factors to think about. Not all of these social influences influence equally, and not all of them are related to each other. With a better general understanding we can make a systematic and step-by-step online marketing plan. Here is a look at the major influences. Understand these, and you have control over the majority of influences on your search results.

  • Basic SEO. It is important to start at the beginning of search engine optimisation if we are going to take advantage of social media marketing and those all important sites, such as Twitter, Facebook and now, Google+. SEO works by targeting search terms, both on your site, and with content you distribute on the internet (and linking back to your site). Keywords are the core of SEO, and they are the core of all other network building and linking you will continue with social media and social search influences. Keywords will always be the centre of everything you do. But always remember that the web scraping engines that you are going to use should be flexible, this simply means that your data should continue to expand.
  • Google, Google Accounts and Google+. Google introduced social search. For this to work, we need to have a Google Account, and to be logged in. When this is the case, the relationships that an individual has online, their social connections, influence the results provided by Google. If one is not logged in they will not. This is the same with Google+ and the +1. In other words, if Google’s Social Search (which has essentially been over-ridden by Google+) and social influences are to really influence Google results, then a user needs a Google Account, and to be logged in. This is not the limit of influence, but it is very important. Angie Gensler helps you grow business using social media and digital marketing.
  • Twitter, Facebook and other Social Networking Sites. Google examines all sites on the internet, whether they are social network sites or not. If we can keep this in mind, we can see the influences that those sites will bring to our Google search results. Instead of thinking those social networking sites are different than other sites, by seeing them as another site, and therefore, understanding that links from those sites, and matching keywords and content on those on sites, we can continue to create, build and develop our online network around those keywords and the same content. In this simplified approach, we can easily see how those social networking sites will influence our Google results. Why those sites are so important is also easier to understand. Link building and site relationship building is rapid and links are numerous. This is why social networking and social media influences Google so much.

The business of online marketing is more complicated and sophisticated as we dig deeper into the mechanics of this. Add PPC (pay per click) advertising and trial and error to our results, and we will soon be very busy with our online activities. What we can do to simplify our whole working process is to stay firm with out content, keywords, and systematically build appropriate content, website relationships and place appropriate content in appropriate locations.

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