Java-based Math Applications for Your Mobile Phones

There has always been a great demand for the Apple-based applications and the Android applications. The internet is flooded with information on such applications. But, what about the lesser-known phones like the cheaper phones or the simple Java-based phones? Well, I don’t see a majority of the public using such high-end smartphones. And so here are few applications that can be used in your simple Java-based mobile phones.

These applications may be of great use in your daily Maths Life.

• Calc – Java Calculator is for mobile phones that support J2ME or Java-enabled phones. The free application excels in scientific, financial, graphics, statistical, programmable, matrix/vector and other complex calculations.

• GeoTip Restaurant Tip calculator is a basic program that calculates the tip for your restaurant bills.

• Mortgage Calculator calculates your mortgage interest and amount. You may use this tool to calculate your monthly payment and other details.

• Nice Calc is a fast one-click-interface scientific calculator for your Symbian phones and iPhones. After entering a specific number, just press the T key in the screen and the gross amount, the estimated percentage and the sum will appear with just one touch.

• TouchMaths, designed for touch phones offers integral, equation, function, linear, graph (2D and 3D), matrix and many more operations.

• MobileMathsV1.6 is yet another powerful mathematical application that can be a professional calculator, equations solver, definite integration, functions and linear equation solver graph plotter and many more.

• MathPro is a numerical computing and programming application that runs on any handheld devices running on Java. The application is a solver to a lot of mathematical equations like calculus, statistics, PreCalculus, geometry, probability and algebra.

• ELC or Expandible Linear Converter is another tool that converts one measuring unit to another as per several physical fields. The application allows you to add your own measuring units. The pirated version of this app is available for android based mobile phones.

• Easycalcfree is another tool that supports chain conversions as in the case of grams to kilograms or ounces to pounds or grains to tonnes. The application is supposed to be compatible with Android phones.

• Autocalculator Lite is a tool for accessing loans, lease amounts or the worthiness of your car. This application may not be available in the Android stores but is available unofficially and is expected to be working with Android based and Windows mobile phone.

• aiCurrency is an application for currency conversion for about 203 currencies. AndroLib, an android-based site claims that the application works with Android platforms.

• Aritm is another application that enhances a user’s calculation skills using a very effective method. The application is reported to be a Java based application.

• XCalc is a sophisticated scientific calculator with 2D and 3D plotting functions. The newly released version of this software is hyped to be compatible with Java based mobile devices.

• RZ calculator is a Java application that calculates binary, decimal, octal and hex numbers and their conversion functions. With support for parenthesis, memory, 64-bit integer, arithmetic operations and logical expressions, this software is simply great to have in your Java-enabled mobile phones.

• Calc4M is another accurate calculator with trigonometric and logarithmic functions, memories and constants, conversions between hexadecimal, decimal and binary functions. The application is adoptable to most of the mobile phones including touch screen phones.

Hope these applications are of great use to you!

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