4 Common Myths About Blogging

In the online connected world, everyone is aware of blogging. The internet has become a repository of easily available information.  Blogs play a major part in disseminating information and blogging works as an information provider. Many people are used to read the new posts on their favorite blogs daily. People feel connected with each other by reading the blogs and doing comments and this helps in increasing their knowledge. With the growing popularity of blogging, some myths have become associated with it and need to be busted.

Below are the four common myths about blogging:

Myth1:  Mostly People think that Blogging is very easy

This is the biggest myth that most of the people have in their mind. Blogging is not so easy. It is not the case of writing good content only. Blogging involves many things like managing online community; so that many people follow your blog and you need to do a lot of research work for your blog, so that you can provide good and relevant information to your readers. You have to actively participate on your blog for answering the questions, discussing any topic and many more.

Myth2:  Minimum 400 words are necessary to publish any post

This is also one of the myths prevalent amongst peoplethat you need to publish post of minimum 400 words, it’s not necessary. It is absolutely your wish that whether you want to write a short article or long. Your main goal should be only to provide clear, proper and full information to your readers through your article. The majority does not care about the length of your article, their concern is only to read informational article.

Myth 3:  Blogging is only a past time and there is not any money

Earlier blogs were used only to share the thoughts, ideas and aspirations with others. Many people didn’t even think of making money through their blogs. But then some of the bloggers starts earning money by giving other’s advertisements on their blogs. Some of the most famous and profitable blogger on the internet today are TechCrunch, Problogger, Shoemoney, John Chow, Steve Pavlina. One can earn sufficient amount of money through blogging.

Myth 4:  You need to post everyday to get success

It’s not necessary to post on your blog every day. The mainstream blogs who have team of writers generally post every day and sometimes many times a day. Instead of posting daily, you need to write some quality content even if you can post once in a week or twice a week. Quality matters a lot because your viewers read your articles based on the information that you will provide. Many bloggers who post once in a week have also a lot of responsive readers.  But keeping long gaps between the posts can be cause a decline in popularity.

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