YouTube Video Marketing Techniques For Viral Videos

There are many technique to Get YouTube Views to your video, which is very important to many companies.  Without proper videos marketed on the web there would be a great loss of valuable real estate for many companies.  In order to create a successful viral video campaign there are many aspects to look into.  Missing even one of these factors can cause a drastic decrease in your video rankings.

Keyword Research

Selecting the proper keywords for your viral video is the most important task. Each keyword or keyword phrase entered into a videos title, description, tags, URL, etc. all help the search engines to categorize and rank your video. There are many tools that people enjoy one of which is to get visibility with their Online Music Promotion or the Google-Keyword Research Tool that is 100% FREE! These tool will show how many searches a specific keyword is getting and the competition level. This is useful when selecting new keywords and finding your niche.


There are many video sites out there now and it is important to submit your video to all of them. YouTube is the main site right now, but there are many other video-marketing sites that are growing strongly. There also may be niche video sites where you would want to submit your video to as well as the traffic here is much less than YouTube, but the traffic is much more relevant and likely to watch your video.

Views, Comments, Ratings, Subscribers

Having user engagement in your videos shows the search engines that your video is indeed popular enough to have its own place in the SERP’s.  You want as many views as possible and in order to get more views you have to rank your video in the search engines.  To rank your video you need to have multiple reviews, comments, subscribers to your channel, and more views.  This seems like a double edged sword, but there are many ways to get new views to your videos.  You can purchase views, embed the video on other sites, link back to the video, and ultimately create a buzz about the video.

These techniques used together should ultimately help any viral video campaign.  If you are still unsure as to what to do you can always visit a professional SEO Optimizer.

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