Archives for September 2011

Forecasting Social Media

It's becoming nearly impossible to avoid the hype social media has been generating. The cumulative effect of Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn pushing into nearly every sphere of our lives has resulted in a me-too phenomenon and a rush to jump on the social media bandwagon. It's hard to know what the … [Read more...]

YouTube Video Marketing Techniques For Viral Videos

There are many technique to Get YouTube Views to your video, which is very important to many companies.  Without proper videos marketed on the web there would be a great loss of valuable real estate for many companies.  In order to create a successful viral video campaign there are many aspects to … [Read more...]

#SMWF N. America To Provide Social Media Marketing Advice, Analysis and Insight

SMWF N. America comes to New York on 1-2 November, offering social media marketing advice and in-depth insight into how brands and businesses across the world are using channels like Facebook and Twitter to connect with their customers, build communities, monitor brand reputation, advertise and even … [Read more...]

Houston, Texas, Bar and Restaurant Kicks out Customer over Insulting Tweet

We’ve all heard the stories about how insulting your boss on Facebook or Twitter, or complaining about your job generally speaking, can, in some cases, land you in trouble; it can even get you fired. Recently, however, an opinion purveyed on a the social networking site Twitter got one restaurant … [Read more...]

Best Practices For Building New Twitter Followers

Through the vast advancement of technology, interactive media is becoming a world wide trend of promoting various products as well as extending ourselves to the online social network. Social networking is one of the most popular ways of gaining new friends, interacting with others and expressing … [Read more...]