Google + Beta: Best Smartphone Integration Of Any Social Network

Google-Plus-+The Google + Project is the much anticipated social network designed by Google to support with sites such as Facebook and Twitter. Though it is currently in closed beta, its innovative features make it a joy to use and it’s more than lived up to the hype. One of the things that make Google + different form it’s social network competition is its incredible smartphone integration. Where most social networking sites scale down and remove more advance features for mobile users Google + actually adds features.

Features Accessible On Both Mobile and Web

Circles: Circles is Google’s way of expressing that relationships are not created equal and is more about perception. When you add someone in Google + you get the advantage of being able to put them in one or more custom “circles” such as friends, family and co-workers. You can then choose which circles see various updates and which updates you see at any given time.

Hangouts: Hangouts lets you hang out in rooms with friends via video chat or IM and do things like watch movies together or just catch up.

Features Available Especially For Mobile

Huddle: Huddle uses a threaded system of SMS such as what you see on the IPhone and Android platforms. What makes Huddle special is that it allows you to do the threaded SMS with more than one other person allowing for mobile text meetings of sorts.

Instant Upload: Instant upload makes your pictures share instantly rather than having to wait around for it to upload. This is done by automatically uploading every picture you take to a secure server waiting for you in case you ever decide to share it

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