Getting Ahead In The SEO Reseller Business

With our declining economy and uncertain financial environment, many businesses are looking for ways to expand revenues as inexpensively as possible. While search engine optimization is certainly a growth industry, competition is steep and many firms are looking for ways to get in the game without taking on big financial risk. As you enter a new business space, the costs of product development are often a huge barrier. The search engine optimization space is no different. Many new-comers are leveraging seo reseller programs as a clever way to avoid this risk.
In short, an SEO reseller arrangement is one in which two organizations form a partnership to share both profits and work-load. The reseller organization is generally responsible for back-office delivery. In the case of search engine optimization, this means the actual implementation of SEO and see the pricing, both on-site and off-site. Many resellers will also have technical expertise to help with website development, if desired. If they don’t have technical expertise, they hire a Professional IT management company. Most programs are ala carte, allowing the reseller to select which services to outsource. This business arrangement is advantageous to any organization that already has clients in the technical space and is looking to expand. One could see post and understand how important not only the quality of the images we post but also if we are doing the right thing to get the reach it deserves.
Selecting a SEO program (as opposed to a branded program) is often essential as most organizations want to maintain the option of confidentiality when it comes to outsourcing. It is very common for companies big and small to outsource portions of their delivery process, regardless of the product. Companies such as General Electric and Coca Cola have created significant financial advantages through outsourcing.  White label programs allow this flexibility in the SEO space as the reseller can brand the entire offering under their own logo. Also known as private label SEO, this option is not always supported by the outsourcing organization – so be sure to inquire.
When selecting a private label SEO partner, an important criteria should be the breadth of services they support. Research supports the notion that bundled marketing services have stronger customer retention than point-service offerings in the small and medium-sized business market. The reasons for this are obvious, small and medium businesses don’t use the advanced services offered by highly-specialized point services. Instead, they generally need about 80% of that functionality. A bundled marketing service will support the features needed without the extra costs. Additionally, there are hidden costs associated with point-services due to the time investment required to manage multiple vendors and data integration / preparation for reporting. For these reasons, select a private label SEO outsourcer that offers all of the marketing services you believe you will be reselling. This should include search engine optimization, pay-per-click management, social media, email mail marketing, as well as robust reporting capabilities.
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