9 Ways of Increasing Website Traffic Without Using Search Engines

Search engines are one of the sources of creating substantial traffic to your website. It can be cost effective if you know how to optimize your keywords to generate targeted traffic. However, this article is to help you explore other avenues of drawing enormous and more targeted and profitable traffic to your website. Let’s look at nine other avenues that that you can incorporate.

1. Participate in Blogs and employ blog services.
Participating in blogs that relate to your niche is very beneficial. In this way you are able to build an online audience and are able to gather information that will be helpful when wanting to improve your website. Keep score with the top websites in your niche as this will help you know what to improve on your own blog and website. Include links to the web page that you want your potential visitors to find. This page should communicate the most important information that you would like your visitors to be aware of. Take time to strategically design this page.
2. Create a Podcast
Having your messages in other multimedia formats is known to increase traffic to your website as they can easily attract the attention of a surfer who would easily by-pass text on your website. Podcasts allow you to create an audio or video clip about your product or service. Always include this podcast link on your landing page.
3. Incorporate Link Buying
As much as content is important, poor link management defeats your efforts of having this content out there. You need to learn what tactics to employ to strategically advertise your links in order to get numerous clicks hence more visits to your website.
4. Contribute on Online Forums
Taking part in online forums gives you an opportunity to interact with bloggers with whom you share similar interests. It allows you to be part of a larger community where you can share and also benefit from others’ contributions. You get to greatly benefit from other people’s experiences and hence make necessary adjustments to evade similar pitfalls. It saves you time of learning through mistakes and also get informed on current and emerging trends.
5. Utilize Social Media
Social media websites are another helpful channel in increasing traffic to your website. You can post links to your website on your social website profile and conversely have a link you your social website profile on your website or landing page. This allows you to attract traffic from whichever direction your visitor approaches. You can post your link on fan pages that relate to your niche. This will help you draw more targeted traffic.
6. Create and Embed Video/Webinars
As eluded in podcasting, creating and embedding a video on your blog or website for the service or product you are offering exponentially increases traffic as more people are easily drawn to multimedia than just text. Also post this video on other online video communities or websites. Ensure that relevant links are included and encourage feedback.
7. Participate in Online Press Releases
Online press releases are one of the oldest methods of carrying out promotions. It is easy to shun them but they are just as effective. Sign up on the available online press release websites and post a write up of your service or product. Include relevant links to your landing page.
8. Event Media Sponsorships
Major symposiums, conferences and seminar series’ are always seeking media sponsorships so if your blog or website is structured as a platform for news and updates, you can exponentially surge up traffic to your website. Conversely, advertise yourself on other similar websites.
9. Share Syndicate Your Content
There are quite a number of websites where you can submit your syndicated article about your product or service. You can consider posting your articles to those that enjoy enormous traffic Make sure that you include relevant links to your website or landing page.
They say there are many ways of skinning a cat. There are so many ways of driving traffic to your website. Outline above are the most common ones but have proved to be very effective. Consider employing a couple of them and watch your traffic soar. Drop your comments if you found this article helpful.

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