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White Label SEO: Why is it so Hard to Outsource?

What exactly is White Label SEO? For a term with the word "White" in it, there sure seems to be a large grey area of what it actually is. Basically the answer can probably, though not indefinitely, be summed up by the answer to the question: "Will Google find what I am doing as something that is … [Read more...]

Article Writing Basics- If you don’t want it in your Portfolio, don’t write it!

If you’re an experienced writer, it’s hard to suppress a howl of sympathy for some of the materials you see online and in other media. The unmistakable sign of other writers slogging away on hack materials really does bring out humanitarian instincts, even in writers. These things can be tacky … [Read more...]

Social Media: The Beginning of the End of Trolling

My parents used to think everyone on the internet were disturbed lunatics with deep-seated emotional issues. Like many internet users, my parents were victims to trolls. Defined as individuals who post inflammatory, derogatory, or provocative messages in public forums, trolls have been around since … [Read more...]