Pay for Premium Domain Names

If you’ve balked at paying more than $9 for a domain name in the past, you should consider changing your mind if you want to excel at search engine optimization in 2010 and take the assistance of Domain Registration in Delhi if you want an excellent service all the while also save money. A premium domain name is costly upfront, but it does make marketing much easier, less costly and more relevant to the search engine and end users.

Descriptive Domain Names

Your domain name should be a description and it should contain the keywords you want to target in your industry. For example, if you’re a marketing consultant, your name is not a descriptive domain name. Prospective customers who have never heard of you won’t search for “Karen Smith.” They’ll look for “Atlanta Marketing Consultant” though, and if that’s where you’re located, that would be a stronger domain name. When spiders crawl your website, your domain name will be a factor, and if it’s relevant and related to your website content, you’ll rank higher.

Links to Your Domain name

It’s also better to use a descriptive domain name when people are linking to your blog or website. The readers of other blogs can glance at the link description, which is usually just the name of your website, and see that it’s relevant to their interests. If you have something that’s abstract or generic, the click through rate won’t be as high. You’ll also get higher click through rates from search engine results when the domain name is descriptive.

A strong domain name is one of the keys to search engine optimization in 2010. Consider it a marketing expense that will yield better results, if you end up paying a larger amount than you would like to up front.

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