Social Networking: The Softer Side of the Hard Sale

Popular social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and LinkedIn have spread like wildfire over the last few years. There are millions of individuals currently using these social media sites and these sites are growing in popularity more and more every day. People are not only using these sites to connect with family, friends, and co-workers, but they’re also utilizing them to make business connections, increase sales, and create stronger business relationships.

It has been estimated that over 35 percent of the United State’s internet users have a social networking profile of some sort, which is a gigantic increase from just a couple of years ago. Social networking is still in its beginning stages. The numbers are expected to continue to grow over the coming years, as social networking is considered one of the most simplistic and successful ways to do business.

What’s so great about it is that it is considered non-aggressive. With sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Youtube, you’re not forced to go directly up to a person and say, “hey, buy my product” or “hey, check out this product I’m selling!” With social media websites, you stand a much better chance of not turning anyone off from buying your product or signing up for your services. Chances are, if you have enough connections, you’ll end up with all the sales you need at the end of the week.

By providing interesting tid bits of information about your products/services in a social laid back environment, you can easily obtain all the sales and customers you need to contribute to the overall growth of your business. It also won’t hurt to act like a “real person” from time to time. People like to get to know the individual who they are buying from. If they like your product and/or service, they may choose to purchase it. However, they might also be 100 percent certain that they can buy the same product/service from their local retail store, but if they like you and have a chance to get to know you, they’ll do business with you simply because they like you as an individual, and not just a salesperson.

For businesspeople, this means much stronger customer connections, as well as a better chance of receiving returning customers. In addition, it also means a wider range of customers throughout the world. No more are the days of traveling from door-to-door trying to sell things and give away promotional products. People have come to be quite weary of salespeople. They are often viewed as being annoying and some people would even consider them “beggars for money” because that is the way they appeared when knocking on everyone’s front door. While there is nothing wrong with door-to-door sales, most people would much rather prefer to find a product they like, and purchase it on their own.

Sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Youtube allow customers to find you. Since there are over 2 billion internet users worldwide (and growing), the chances of someone coming across your page are relatively high. There is nothing aggressive about social media. The best way to increase sales if you choose to use social media for business purposes is to simply educate. You might also consider sending out free promotional items or samples to a few of your connections to increase sales, which you can get from this Leading supplier of branded umbrellas.

All in all, social media is the softer side of the hard sale. There is literally no work involved. The only thing you have to do is talk about how wonderful your product is. People who are interested will come to you.

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