Twitter From Your Blackberry Smartphone: One More Way to Gain Clients

If you own a Blackberry, you should use it to market your business as much as possible when you’re way from your computer. Research in Motion (RIM) has a Twitter application to help with that. reports:

“Users will be also able to send messages in real-time in order to receive instant replies. The Twitter client, which has been optimised for the screen of the smartphone, is also designed to timely notify users about new Tweets and re-Tweets.

RIM, the Canada based smartphone maker, also announced that the Twitter for BlackBerry application comes equipped with a sophisticated search function which will allow BlackBerry users to search for keywords on Twitter.”

What’s cool about the app is that you can run it in the background while you check your email or take care of other tasks. You don’t even have to shorten links by going to a third party website. RIM’s Twitter app does it all for you.

You can no longer use the excuse that you don’t have time to manage your Twitter account and followers. Although, don’t get tempted to overload them with useless information, just because sending tweets is more accessible with the Blackberry. Use it as an opportunity to schedule time to plan and send tweets that market your business and build a following.

If the availability of the app itself isn’t enough, you should know that it’s free. That’s a tremendous benefit to you, if you’re like many business owners these days, strapped for cash.

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