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One of the key internet marketing tools in the recent times has been the use of social media sites. Whether for the purpose of marketing one’s product or to find freelancing work, social media sites have come up to be the one of the best alternatives in marketing tools. It all depends on how one is able to stand out in the vast clutter of contacts.

Many of the contacts of the one’s niche market are using the social media tools. It depends upon a person as to how well he uses these tools to build up his brand.

The first step in marketing via this medium is to find where all the desired contacts are. Some if these would be on Twitter, some on Facebook, still others on LinkedIn or Orkut; still other who may be active on more than one if these. It makes sense to write all the social media contacts that one would like to approach with the channels that they are active on.

Once that job is done, the next step would be to envisage a plan to engage them. For the purpose it is very much required that the marketers knows, apart from the channels their niche contacts are in, the kind of contacts he or she is. For example, if somebody is actively conversing on Twitter, it makes sense to engage with him with as many interesting conversation as possible. The marketer should be the first one to give favorable reviews or any other feedback on the videos uploaded by such people.

It also makes sense to consolidate one’s tools when gunning for marketing via this media. It is generally seen that people often make a mistake of a spreading themselves over far too many channels too soon. This dilutes the effectiveness as a marketing tool. It is advisable therefore that one puts everything on to one website and reaps the benefits.

One of the smartest examples of this would be Zynga’s Farmville. Its presence on the Facebook literally had people eating out of their hands. Now with its unprecedented popularity by its side, it is all set to make its mark on the smart phones.

Internet marketing is also known as i-marketing, web marketing or e-marketing. The best part about marketing on the internet is the fact that is enables the marketer to connect instantly with his audience and also gauges results of his product via the feedbacks and the reviews. That apart it is also relatively much cheaper than any other conventional forms of marketing. Not only that, they also have the ability to measure the statistics much easily via this medium. Therefore, to know as to how many people have the information about their product, they will have to just look into per click data and will come to know of the same in a jiffy.

In fact the effectiveness of the advertisement can also be gauged pretty much quickly via the net than any other method. If one has a fewer people clicking on to the pop ups or the advertisement, he for sure would definitely know that this is the sphere where he needs to look into. Such measures can not be obtained through bill board advertising for example.

E-mail marketing is more effective than tweeting in certain ways. Therefore rather than choosing one over the other it is better that one amalgamates them both and reap in dual benefits. For example, if one can turn the followers on the tweeters in subscribers, one will have more space to advertise, explain and hence entertain. Since one can not add a shopping cart in Tweeter this is then best possible way out.

It is therefore important that one is plans his way in to the internet marketing, chooses the social media tools that is will give him maximum benefit and, does not spread himself too thin over too many things in the endeavor.

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