Barnes and Noble’s Nook and Amazon’s Kindle

Look No Further! Barnes and Noble’s Nook and Amazon’s Kindle Coming to a Store Near You Soon!

You heard it right! The ever popular electronic book readers put out by Barnes and Noble and Amazon are coming to retail stores in your hometown. Rumor has it that the Nook will be sold at Best Buy starting April 18th and the Kindle will be made available at Target stores April 25th. The two devices may be sharing shelf space with Apple’s iPhone and iPad which are slated to be sold in brick and mortar stores as well as through online retailers.

In the age of electronic media, businesses are fiercely competitive. Their overall goal is to stay ahead of trends and ride the wave of new technology. Though few will argue about the usefulness of reading apps like for free to read stories and an e-reader for containing thousands of books, magazines, and newspapers in one unit, there are still the naysayers who would prefer to walk into a bookstore and purchase the type of bestseller that comes in a plastic bag with a return receipt.

Even with these people still in existence, the fate of publishing companies and bookstores lays within their ability to adapt to changing times. Borders Group, owner of Borders and Waldenbooks, closed over half of their locations in the United States and the United Kingdom in order to focus their energies on creating an online marketplace. Years behind Amazon and Barnes and Noble, the company hopes to renew interest in their products with a new website and the Alex e-reader.

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