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What Your Business Can Learn from Facebook Scams

Scams on Facebook, where marketers offer fake gift cards for a famous company in order to drum up web traffic, provide a great idea for promoting your small business. You can offer legitimate gift cards to your fans and prospective fans, to generate a buzz about a sale or discount in services. Here … [Read more...]

Successful use of Social Media

If you want to grow your business or do some kind of freelancing work or build contacts then social media is the most important thing that you should get involved with. Social marketing is getting very famous nowadays with the help of applications like facebook, twitter, linked in etc. Internet … [Read more...]

Social Media for Internet Marketing – Facebook, Twitter, SmartPhones

Today in the world of advanced technology and digitalization the impact of social media in our day to day life has dramatically increased. Today everyone of us instead of calling each person to tell about our achievements and celebrations we prefer to post everything on social networking sites so … [Read more...]