The iPhone 4 Reaching Astronomical Sales in Just Three Days

Over 1.4 million iPhone 4 have sold over a three day time span which means that many hopeful owners walked away empty handed.  Not expecting to have such a big demand for the devices, Apple CEO Steve Jobs issued an apology to consumers who were turned away from retailers who sold out of the hot technology.

Actor Jason Bateman was the subject of many news publications because he was given preferential treatment by store personnel who escorted him out of the line and directly to his new iPhone 4.  Believing that he, too, should have to wait his turn, many customers became disgruntled at the blatant display of celebrity super-stardom.

Although many people were disappointed because they were unable to purchase the product as it launched, those in possession of the iPhone 4 have reported reception problems.  Holding the phone a certain way can cause it to lose its signal which increases its chances of dropping a call.  The problem is easy to correct which comes as a relief to iPhone owners who dropped a mint to have the upgraded phone.

Chock full of great features and downloadable applications, it isn’t hard to imagine why people would stand in lines overnight for such an amazing phone.  The unfortunate fact, however, is that it too will have a short lifespan as technology changes and evolves.

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