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Blogs are becoming more popular by the minute; for each subject of  interest, there is bound to be something out there to satisfy that taste. But it is not enough to simply exist and hope that visitors will find you. There is so much competition out there that this approach will prove fruitless in the end. You need to take advantage of the things the internet has to offer, one of those being Twitter. This social site may be fun and easy to use, but for bloggers, it needs to take on a whole new meaning. You must use Twitter to your advantage, and know what should be done to make people pay attention to your blog.

1. Keep anyone who is following your account interested by asking them questions.

For instance, you may want to inquire about how many times they post to Twitter each day. Or, if you would like to involve your blog in the subject, ask them if there is something they would change about your layout if they had control. No matter what you choose to use, link your followers directly to your blog for them to answer the question. Let time pass for everyone to be able to take part, and then post the results on Twitter. In this way, people will have a sense of being involved, which will make you look good in the long run.

2. Make your Twitter account useful.

You should not be the topic of every single thing that you post; that will just annoy people, and they will find you somebody that they will not want to associate with Instead of constantly letting people know that your blog has been updated, also provide links other blogs as well. Search the internet for links that your followers may find interesting, provide inspirational quotes, and so on. By showing that there is more to you than your site, there will be something for everybody to enjoy.

3. Post as often as you can.

If you wait until days, if not months, have passed between writing any messages, it will be assumed that you are no longer active. Try to have something up once a day, or at least a few times a week. It need not be poetry, and you need not strain your brain trying to come up with something clever. Just make sure that there is no doubt that you are still up and about, or your blog could suffer as a result.

4. Choose your words carefully when posting on Twitter.

Never portray hostility or anger; your reputation, whatever it may be, could be greatly damaged by a slip of the keyboard. If you have a beef with someone, do not make it public. If there is something about your family that you hate with a passion, do not share it. Be among the Twitter writers who share with their readers, but never reveal too much. Nobody wants to be seen as unprofessional or hostile.

5. Remember to interact with others.

Reply to them with congratulations for winning a contest, or tell them that you recently visited the state they live in, and so forth. Lengthy conversations are fine, but at a certain point you should take advantage of Twitter’s direct message option. Those who are not a part of it will only believe it is taking up too much of your time and space, while not focusing on what it is that they expect from your account. Keep the balance between replying to others and writing independent entries, and everything should work out well. The word count may be limiting, but there is almost no limit to what you can do and try.

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