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Facebook continually grows on a constant basis with all the additions to their services. Most recently introducing the Facebook Marketplace, where users can bid and post jobs.  From Facebook credits to paid advertising, Facebook has really found a way to monetize their enormously successful social networking website. As a leader and the largest social networking website, they continue to grow past anyone’s wildest beliefs.

As of lately, Facebook revenue has surpasses one billion dollars and continues to grow. A few times in 2009 and already in 2010, Facebook has surpassed Google in traffic. This is the first time Google has dropped in traffic in many years! The main reason for the record setting traffic is that Facebook users continually want to check their profile, whereas Google searchers only use the site when needed. That means users log-into Facebook multiple times a day.

Recently, Facebook introduced their Marketplace. Here users can post ads for any and everything from used skateboards to SEO consulting services. With so many ads currently being posted, Craig’s List may have something to worry about. It is also difficult to distinguish themselves from other ads, especially with your profile being displayed to the users bidding on your project. You may really want to rethink your privacy policy on Facebook or clean up your profile removing any incriminating and embarrassing photos, wall updates, comments, etc. The best use for the Facebook Marketplace is to maintain relationships with existing and past clients, not picking up new clients, unless you have a second professional Facebook account that you can use.

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