8 Tips to Drive a Video to Viral Marketing Status

One of the best ways to spread a message is through a video which goes viral. While this is a very well known fact, it is one of those things that are easier said than done. What is it that makes a video go viral? Why it is that one video spreads like wildfire, while another gets less than 100 views? The answers to these questions are not easy to find. However, there are things that can be done to help increase the chances of creating a viral video.

1) Provide unique content: Many people see a video that goes viral and then turn around and produce something similar. While this may work on occasion, videos with unique content have a better chance of going viral.

2) Producing a well made product: Every once in a while a video that obviously took little effort or planning gets big. However, by taking the time to make sure a product is well made is the better way to go more often than not.

3) Make it relevant: Many very well made videos have been put out that never got noticed. The reason for this is that they lacked relevant SEO friendly content to a large number of people. When making an attempt to go viral, try to keep the product relevant to as many people as possible.

4) Funny is okay with everyone: While it is difficult to do right, humor will definitely help cause a video to go viral.

5) Entertain, don’t sell: While the reason for a video may be to spread the message about a particular product or service, try to keep the messages entertaining.

6) Keep it short: Internet users tend to prefer media that is short and simple. While a longer video works when people want in depth information, almost all viral videos are under five minutes in length.

7) Promote, promote, promote: By using social media sites such as FaceBook and Twitter a videos chances of going viral increases. Also, if possible, try and get a couple of widely read SEO clogs to post the video.

8) Make the message obvious: Most people attempt to create a viral video in order to spread a message. Make sure that message is easy to see. Whether trying to drive traffic to a website or raising awareness about a political issue, making sure people understand the message is vital.

While there is never any guarantee that a video will successfully go viral, by following the above tips, the chances are increased.

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