Archives for April 2010

Facebook is Spinning a Plan to be the Social Center of the Web

Facebook revealed its plan to become center of the social web today at the F8 Developer Conference in San Fransisco, CA. They announced the Open Graph API protocol as well as the ability to integrate websites and apps on the web all within the boundaries of your social network making the platform … [Read more...]

Adding a Tag / Label Cloud to Your Blogger Account

Tag clouds have become more popular as websites begin to use them to help organize their keywords in an easy to read manner for their readers. First used by Flikr the website they have since grown. Tag clouds are a nice feature for a blog or website as it organizes major keywords into clickable … [Read more...]

Facebook Marketplace Monetization – Social Networking

Facebook continually grows on a constant basis with all the additions to their services. Most recently introducing the Facebook Marketplace, where users can bid and post jobs.  From Facebook credits to paid advertising, Facebook has really found a way to monetize their enormously successful social … [Read more...]

Over 600 + Cities Battle It out to Become Google’s Choice for Fiber Experiment

In keeping up with current trends and being one step ahead of the competition, Google announced in February its decision to build its own high-speed fiber optic Internet network. Over 600 communities have put their name on the list to be a test site for Google Fiber and over 190,000 emails from … [Read more...]

Oh the Places They Will Go: Facebook Considers Revisions to Its Privacy Policy Again

Facebook is considering making changes to its Privacy Policy and Statement of Rights once again but this time is asking for feedback from users to ensure the smooth reception of the updates. Changes include: • Location sharing. • New language related to sharing. • A breakdown of the “Everyone” … [Read more...]

Working with Freelance SEO Writers

Whether you own and operate a blog, or you need a batch of well written SEO articles, more often than not any business marketing itself on the internet will eventually have a need for a freelance writer. There are many people in the world who claim to be freelance writers, but only a small … [Read more...]

Effective Blogging for AdSense Results

It is no big secret that blogging can provide a significant income stream. This knowledge is so well known that the blogosphere went from being a relatively small part of internet content to its current point where almost everyone has a blog. Ranging from internet marketing experts through … [Read more...]

8 Tips to Drive a Video to Viral Marketing Status

One of the best ways to spread a message is through a video which goes viral. While this is a very well known fact, it is one of those things that are easier said than done. What is it that makes a video go viral? Why it is that one video spreads like wildfire, while another gets less than 100 … [Read more...]

What Does Web 2.0 Really Mean?

Many people who use the internet daily run into the term web 2.0 and many of those people don’t know what it means. This is actually very understandable considering that for most people the internet does not seem any different than when they were first exposed to it. In order to truly understand web … [Read more...]