Gain Inbound Link Via Do Follow Authoritative Websites

As we all know inbound link building is at the heart of search engine optimization right now.  A great website will not rank well in the search engines without having a sufficient amount of inbound links.  These links range in value, which is determined by the search engine spider.  Some links carry more value than others.

Links that pass on more value to your website are those that come from different IP address, come from authoratative websites, are do follow, are related to your content on your site, have strong anchor text, and more.  All these factors determine a links value to your website.

Having a few links with the above qualifications is much better than having 10,000 links without all the above qualifications.  That is why it is imprtant to build links that are valuable to your site, not just for the sake of link building.

Some good authoritative SEO friendly links would come from established, white hat websites.  Sites that end in .edu .gov .mil are all from authoritative sites and will pass on more link juice than your typical link would.  that is why these links are so often sought out and so difficult to get.

I have compiled a list of do follow .edu and .gov websites that are currently accepting link submissions.  Submitting your site to these links will help build your websites search engine rankings.  I will release this list in a few weeks so stay tuned.  If you would like an advanced copy I will sell this for $5 through PayPal.  Contact me at brandon [at] seooptimizers [dot] co

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