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Is Twitter the Best Social Marketing Tool?

I recently ran across an interesting graphic about the habits and demographics of Twitter users. This graphic revealed several interesting facts such as Females use Twitter more than males, the most pertinent information for those using social media as a marketing tool revolves around the numbers on … [Read more...]

Facebook Has More Traffic than Google Search!

This is something very interesting to take not of. Today for the first time in years, Google has dropped from the number one most searched site in the world to the second most searched site in the world. What does this mean for Google and what do they plan to do about it? Only time can tell. So far … [Read more...]

FaceBook Projected Revenue in 2010 of $1 Billion Dollars

Recently there have been some new estimates over Facebook worth. The new estimates are looking at Facebook being worth between $1 billion and $1.1 billion in revenue this year (2010), a big increase over the $710 million estimate from The Wall Street Journal a few months ago. In all actuality, … [Read more...]

Twitter’s New Beta Project to Rank Most Popular Tweets

Although it is in its initial stage, Twitter’s latest beta project assists users with searches by ranking its most popular “tweets” and posting them at the top of the page. Developer Advocate Taylor Singletary spoke on behalf of the social media giant Thursday in an attempt to prepare developers for … [Read more...]

Breaking News via Twitter Is Often a Touchy Subject

Breaking news via Twitter is bad form according to Reuters. In a newly revised version of its social media policy, the site urges journalists to refrain from “tweeting” news events as they happen and encourages professionals to post information to the wire first. Reuters also strongly suggest … [Read more...]

What do you get Twitter for their 3 year Anniversary / Birthday?

Four years ago  Jack Dorsey wrote something that probably wasn't seen by too many people. Jack who is co-founder with Biz Stone and Evan Williams probably had no idea what a phenomenon would be hatched from their little company.  Now Jack's original Tweet is legendary. I wonder if he would … [Read more...]

Where to Find Do Follow Blogs – Directories

Here us a list of some good do-follow blog directories Eco Friendly Blog work at home jobs SEO Tips By: SEO Optimizers - Professional Search Engine Optimization Consultants … [Read more...]

Google Maps and FourSquare Team Up and Create FourWhere

FourWhere, the newly created location based social search engine tool displays Foursquare comments and advice through Google Maps interface.  This gives Foursquare users the ability to search for and learn what other users are saying about nearby places and locations. To work the new application … [Read more...]

Google Search May Soon Be on Your TV

Google is always dabbling in new adventures and ways to increase their profit margins.  Their most recent endeavor is providing search engine results on live TV!  Currently, Google is in the testing stages with Dish Network to create an exclusive TV programming search engine service. This is still … [Read more...]

Gain Inbound Link Via Do Follow Authoritative Websites

As we all know inbound link building is at the heart of search engine optimization right now.  A great website will not rank well in the search engines without having a sufficient amount of inbound links.  These links range in value, which is determined by the search engine spider.  Some links carry … [Read more...]