Facebook Has Decided to Take 30% of App Developers Revenue

In an attempt for Facebook to make even more money off their insanely successful site they have switched their developer rules.  Facebook will now offer facebook credits to developers.  This is treated as cash and when profits are made facebook is not entitled to 30% f their revenue.

Facebook credits are their vitural currency traded amoungst members of the highly successful social networking website.  These were origionally created last Spring to allow users to purchase gifts.  This soon changed when Facebook allowed you to purchase credits through PayPal.  This enticed huge game developers to get the ball rolling with new games because of the opportunity to make cash.  And when we say they make money, we mean it.  Developers can make hundreds of thousands of dollars a month by creating a superb app that becomes an instant hit.

Coincidentally, this is the same amount Apple takes from its app store sales.  Well, maybe it is not a coincidence.

Facebook’s reasoning behind taking 30% of the application developers revenue is to invest “heavily into the eco-system”.  Marketing efforts will be in place to inform the public about the Facebook currency.  This should in turn bring in more sales to facebook app developers in the future, if the marketing efforts are a success.

In addition to this, Facebook runs ads on the right column of every profile, has games, and other sources of income that are not yet released.  What do they have in store for us in the near future?  Only time will tell, but you will not have to wit long.

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