Archives for February 2010

Facebook Has Decided to Take 30% of App Developers Revenue

In an attempt for Facebook to make even more money off their insanely successful site they have switched their developer rules.  Facebook will now offer facebook credits to developers.  This is treated as cash and when profits are made facebook is not entitled to 30% f their revenue. Facebook … [Read more...]

Google Buzz is Social Media…Competition for Twitter?

Yet again, Goole has released another Beta program out of the hands of a a select few gmail users accounts.  On Tuesday February 9th, 2010 Google released Buzz to ALL gmail account holders.  What is Google Buzz and what is it all about?  Why do the major social media sites have to worry? Well, it … [Read more...]

Microsoft’s Windows 7 May Cause Battery Issues

Many Microsoft Windows 7 users have started to notice a decline in their batteries longevity.  At first they were confused thinking it was the BIOS drivers that needed to be upgraded, but then began to notice that others who installed Microsoft Windows 7 had the same problem. The problem is not … [Read more...]