Archives for January 2010

Google AdWords Pay Per Click Implementing Phone Number Conversion Tracking

There is a new feature soon to be released for Google AdWords Pay Per Click Advertising allowing advertisers to place a phone number below their ad. This will be an additional line, to the already overcrowded space. This means ads will have a headline, 2 descriptions, and a display URL. Optionally … [Read more...]

What are Link Wheels? Why use them for SEO?

There have been many new inbound linking building strategies created the past few years, especially since Google and the other search engines began cracking down on bad links. What does this mean for you as a small business owner, webmaster, or internet marketer? This means that you will have to … [Read more...]

Why is Google Showing Website Breadcrumbs in Search Results URL?

If you have noticed some changes in the search engine results page, then you are not alone. Recently, Google, Yahoo, and Bing have continuously began to change the way the organic results appear. The latest change has been adding breadcrumbs, rather than the entire URL. What this means is that … [Read more...]

SEO Link Building through Forum Signatures

Here is a list of SEO friendly forums that allow you to add a signature with a do follow link in your posts. It is good to create accounts and edit your profile to include your link within the signature. It is a good strategy to have sentences formed and link specific keywords in these sentences, … [Read more...]