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Many of you may be wondering why Google AdWords is showing up an additional match type for you keywords, called session-based matches. This session based matches occur through Broad keywords in your Google Pay Per Click campaign. What this means is that when users searching for a keyword term and then reevaluate their search to another keyword, your ad will show up both times. This is Google’s new personalized search results.

After much research and studies it has been noted that this has many flaws and is not perfect in anyway. The largest disadvantage is that you cannot opt out of this, which has cost some advertisers thousands of dollars in wasted clicks daily. Many AdWords PPC advertisers are weaning off the broad match keyword for now, until Google perfects this new advertising match type.

One study had results that showed an increased click through rate, an increased cost per click, but a lower conversion rate and a higher cost per conversion. What this tells us is that Google is looking to spend our advertising budget in any way possible, even if this means pissing off a few advertisers. Google knows that their AdWords campaigns are invaluable to internet marketers, so they can do as they please.

Here is the study courtesy of SEOptimise Blog:

Hopefully, within the next few weeks this problem will be solved and advertisers will become happier.

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