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Top 24 Press Release Submission / Distribution SEO Sites

Here is a list of the top 24 Press Release Submission Sites. Remember it is important to write and distribute SEO friendly Press Releases to the major news sources. It is important to format them correctly, meaning to use the standard press release template. This will reduce your chances of having … [Read more...]

Best Free Article Submission Sites, Paid Article Software, and Paid Submission Services for SEO

We have compiled a list of the top article submission websites, software, and services. You may leave comments adding to the lift ad feel free to share this with other sites, just give us credit. This list will help you with your article marketing for your online business. SUBMISSION … [Read more...]

What happened to the Organic Search Results in Google

If you have been searching through Google lately then you would have noticed that the search results have become cluttered with Google Advertisements instead of organic search results. This is not true for all searchers as this feature is still in the development stage, but every once in a while you … [Read more...]

Geo-Targeting for Search Engine Optimization

A good SEO strategy is geo-targeting specific locations near where you do business and optimize your website for these keywords. With geo-targeting you will be expanding your websites pages, by adding new pages specific to city, state, county, or zip code where you do business. Each page should be … [Read more...]

November 2009 Google Page Rank and Algorithm Update

Google has recently updated their Page Rank and their ranking algorithm. This is a good for some webmaster and a stressful time for others. Luckily the new update has shed some more insight as to how Google ranks websites and how to increase your websites Page Rank. Looking into many websites I … [Read more...]