Yahoo! Enhanced Search Results using SearchMonkey

With more and more companies and people opting for Top SEO Package it seems as though the future of search engines will be evolving and trying to compete with the giant Google. Yahoo and Microsoft have tried to compete, but cannot achieve the market share that Google has gained. That is why MSN recently released Bing. Bing is the new “decision engine” to help searchers make decisions. Yahoo has also stepped up their game by redesigning their homepage and search results. Yahoo wants to make the homepage and search engine results more personalized to your specific interests and tastes.

The big news is that SearchMonkey has recently developed and released in the Yahoo! search results. What is SearchMonkey and what does it do? Well SearchMonkey is the new addition to Yahoo search results. It is an application that will enhance search results, allowing for web users to make better, well informed decisions. With SearchMonkey in place the search results will now have images, links, ratings, key/value pairs, and much more depending on the search terms. The new results are enhanced and make it easier for searchers to know what they are looking for before actually clicking the link. This can save searchers time as they will have a better understanding of what the site is about before actually visiting the site.

How do you get SearchMonkey? Yahoo users can add the application to their Yahoo profile. This is an opt-in and opt-out program, meaning you have to sign up for it to reap its benefits. Beginning September 1, 2009 internet users can use SearchMonkey. The search engine results will be enhanced for products, local areas, entertainment, social guides, references, and tech sites. This will give searchers more information while searching.

It will be interesting to see how this weighs up to Google and Bing. It seems as though major changes are taking place in the search engine industry to rebrand themselves as the best.

*Images from yahoo

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