Why Should You Write and Distribute Press Releases to PR News Sources

Press releases (PR) are great for promoting websites and building up organic search engine rankings. Press releases get your company name out on the web and on major news sources. The exposure you get from writing and distributing a press release is amazing.

In essence, PR is great for SEO. That is why so many press release writing services exist on the web. They all want to write and distribute your press releases.

Press Release (PR) writing and submission is a great way to increase links to your website, promote your business, inform customers about something, or to bring out important news.

There are ways to outsource, or have someone else do the work for you. Use caution when looking to outsource your pr writers. Make sure they are a good company and specialize or have a specialty in press releases. There are many fly by night companies that are out there to take your money, while there are many excellent services that will take care of you.

When hiring a PR company makes sure they know how to effectively write a press release. News sauces have very strict guidelines that must be followed exactly otherwise the press release will be rejected. This will cost you time and cost the company money. Also make sure the company knows how to optimize the press release for the search engines. This means adding keywords and proper anchor text links where appropriate.

If all these steps are followed your website should gain in popularity. You will see your site rank higher in the search engines and more traffic coming to your website

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