Article Write for SEO and Link Building. Why you should Write Articles

Article writing and submission is a great way to increase links to your website and gain credibility in your indusrty. It is good to publish as many articles as possible, as long as they are accurate and origional content. Personally, I like to get a few articles published a month, but the more you write the better off you will be. It’s like essay rewriting, each time’s better.

There are ways to outsource, or have someone else do the work for you. Be careful and make sure it is a reputable company and that all articles pass a CopyScape test. It is not advisable to go to a $5 article writing company as they are most likely recycling used articles, just rewording them.

You should also check to make sure that the articles are written and proofread to ensure accuracy. Improper grammar can look bad on your company and may cause customers to lose trust or faith in your products or services.

SEO friendly articles are vital. You want to have keyword rich articles with appealing titles. Many people do not realize the importance of the title. The title is where all your important keywords should be as this is likely to be picked up by the search engines. Properly optimized titles and article content will increase your articles organic search engine rankings, bringing in more traffic.

Articles also need to have links placed in the body or in a bio section of the article. That is the true value of article writing in terms of search engine optimization. Each article will feature strong, keyword rich links and anchor text.

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