Google likes Keyword Spamming! How is it possible?

Can it be true that the search engine that runs everything, makes the rules, delegates that keyword spamming is not good, created the nofollow tag…is breaking their own rules?

Yes this is true…Google Base, Google’s product search, seems to favor sites that keyword spam the product descriptions. Since the only advice on the web for Google Base says add more content, why not? Let’s add more content to the description, which has a large amount of space to input descriptive text.

Do a Google Product Search for the term “dcr-trv18 adapter”. At the top right will be a place where you can sort the listings. Sort them by “Price: Low to High”. From Page 21 to 25 nearly all the results are from the same vendor, LostShopping. They have a little under 80 listings showing up for that result. This is an unfair advantage to companies that do not currently know about this tip.

Example from search results page 21
Example from search results page 22
Example from search results page 23
Example from search results page 24
Example from search results page 25


Example Landing Page 1
Example Landing Page 2

They make similar pages for every compatible model and part number to dominate Google base search results.

The descriptions are repetitive and use all the keywords. Keyword spamming???

Why would they allow this? It makes no sense and is likely to be corrected soon, but in the meantime you might want to take advantage and start using this method to dominate the Google Base product search results. Please let’s focus more on keyword research, rather than keyword spamming.

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