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Google likes Keyword Spamming! How is it possible?

Can it be true that the search engine that runs everything, makes the rules, delegates that keyword spamming is not good, created the nofollow breaking their own rules? Yes this is true...Google Base, Google's product search, seems to favor sites that keyword spam the product descriptions. … [Read more...]

Microsoft and Yahoo Teaming to Create Mega Search Engine

It has taken quite a while, but finally the two search giants, Yahoo and Microsoft are partnering together in hopes of creating a mega search engine superior to that of the current market leader, Google. This is a 10 year deal in which Microsoft will have access to Yahoo search technologies, to … [Read more...] down due to fire – ruins ecommerce sales

This morning tens of thousands of ecommerce retailers awoke to see that their credit card processing company ( went down due to a fire in the Seattle office. Unfortunately, going down means no credit cards can be processed by many merchants who rely on for their sales. … [Read more...]