Reputation Management Services – Do they Actually Work?

What is online reputation management? What can it do for my company? To see if you need help do a search for your company or any keywords related to your company. If negative feedback shows up then you are in desperate need of an online reputation management company to fix your negative feedback.

With the uprising of social networking sites, a company’s reputation has become vulnerable to attacks by competitors and upset customers. To counteract these negative influences towards your company your need to fight back. There are many reputation management services out on the market. When doing a search for “reputation management services” over 25 million results are shown. It is a growing industry and is needed to thwart negative attacks against your business.

Most of these companies simply create hundreds of pages about your company with the keywords your trying to rank for. Then they look for the top performing pages and link back to them. This drives out all the results and places these new pages on the search results. this is good, but what if you have positive information that you would like to retain at the top of the search engine results?

To keep good company information at the top of the search engines these companies will link back to the positive pages from the hundreds of new pages created. This will ensure they have tons of back links and the negative feedback does not get any. This usually drops the feedback off the first page and over time it should continue to fall if properly maintained.

Sometimes it can happen where the negative feedback returns to the front page. This can be due to an algorithm change, or the new pages lose credibility, or a host of other reasons. To thwart this you must constantly build links and optimize the new pages that are ranking well and de-optimize the pages that are hurting your business.

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