NoDoFollow Ad-on for Mozilla Firefox – Find Do Follow Links

There is a excellent ad-on for Firefox that allows shows you if links on a web page are “nofollow”. To get the extension download the NoDoFollow program. To download this you must have Mozilla Firefox on your computer as an operating system. If you do not have Firefox you can download it here.

Once the ad-on has been downloaded you will need to activate the program. To activate the tool right clicking on the screen and click on DoNoFollow. This will highlight all the links on a page that are nofollow. It can be turned off the same way it was turned on. The blue highlighting means that the link is do follow and the red highlighting means that the link is no follow. It’s as easy as that!

This is a huge time saver for webmasters trying to build link popularity through do follow comments in blogs, forums, wikis, social networking sites, article sites, etc. You can easily look to see if adding a link will count towards Google’s link juice. Before you had to go to the navigation menu and click on view then select source. Once in the source code you had to search (control + F) to find out if the links are no follow. This is a long and tedious process that is now instantly done for you. The best part is that this is all free!

The one drawback to this ad-on is that most blogs are using an “external nofollow” tag on the page header and the script is still highlighting the links. Other than that drawback this is a great, convenient tool.

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