Archives for April 2009

Google Admits Page Rank is Inaccurate and Useless

It is often debated the accuracy and use of Google little green bar, infamously know as Page Rank. People constantly ask me and others the importance of Page Rank. We often give them the answer they do not want to hear, Page Rank is inaccurate and useless. Why would you judge the importance of a … [Read more...]

Do Follow Blog Comments for Everyone

Changing your blog from nofollow to do follow can have a significant influence on the amount of traffic you receive. I recently switched my Blogger Account from NoFollow comments to Do follow comments. Wordpress makes a widget you install to change the nofollow to follow. It is as easy as that. It … [Read more...]

NoDoFollow Ad-on for Mozilla Firefox – Find Do Follow Links

There is a excellent ad-on for Firefox that allows shows you if links on a web page are "nofollow". To get the extension download the NoDoFollow program. To download this you must have Mozilla Firefox on your computer as an operating system. If you do not have Firefox you can download it here. Once … [Read more...]