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100 Free Ways to Increase Website Traffic

There are thousands of ways to increase website traffic. Most of these variables cost money, but there are many other methods that are free. Below is a list of over 100 free ways to increase traffic to your website. 1) Yahoo Answers 2) 3) Yahoo Groups 4) 5) Post in … [Read more...]

Website Content Mis-Spellings Causing you a Headache?

I have a great FREE spell checking tool for your website . Quite often a searcher will mistype the keywords they are searching for. This causes website's to lose money, as they are not getting the traffic they desire. New SEO tactics should include misspellings for popular keywords. It may look … [Read more...]

Different Website Landing Pages for Websites

The landing page is where visitors arrive when clicking on a link that leads to your web page. Landing pages need to be maintained and adjusted to suit your clients needs. You want to make sure the landing page is easy to read and has a clear message for your audience. If you have a website that is … [Read more...]