Ranking on 4 Major Search Engines..Err 3 – Google, Yahoo, Bing

Everyone wants to have top rankings on the for big search engines; Google, Yahoo, MSN and Ask Jeeves. This is obtainable, but requires a lot of work and effort to ensure that every aspect of all the different algorithms are met. Since the algorithms are kept top secret, this makes for a difficult process.

One of the most frequently asked questions readers and clients ask, revolves around how websites can be best optimized to meet the algorithmic needs of each of the major 4 search engines, Google, Yahoo, MSN and Ask jeeves. The more things change, the more they stay the same. Though there have been wide sweeping changes in the organic search engine landscape over the past six months, the fundamental ways search engines operate remains the same.

UPDATE: Big three sounds more like it! In 2009 the major search engines are Yahoo, Google, and soon to be Bing. Each has similar algorithms and ranking systems, with slight variations. For example Google looks at content and links, whereas Bing looks more at the links not the content. Having a set strategy for ranking in each search engine is the best way to go about your internet marketing endeavors.

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