Are Really Simple Syndication (RSS) Feeds Replacing Email?

There are hardly any internet users that understand what the orange box that is at the top of their browser. This is for Really Simple Syndication (RSS) which allows people to publish content and expose it to subscribers of your RSS feed. Currently over 80% of internet users do not know about or use RSS Feeds, but that is soon to change. There is no denying that RSS Feeds are soon to be replacing email and for good reasoning.

RSS feeds allow for embedded video and audio files, something email is not capable of doing. Email providers usually strip away the video or block it from getting into the recipients inbox. RSS Feeds allow subscribers to view video and audio within the RSS Feed without opening a web browser. RSS Feeds make it simple and easy to view and send video and audio content to other users.

Another great and compelling reason that RSS Feeds are replacing Email is because RSS Feeds always reach their destination, unlike Emails which have less than 60% delivery rate. This is a huge advantage that Email has been lacking in. Unlike Email there is no SPAM folder in RSS Feeds because everyone that subscribed to a RSS Feed want to get the information and hold onto it. Due to the fact that RSS Feeds have no SPAM makes it hard for Email to compete. Everyone hates SPAM because it is a waste of time and extremely annoying.

Don’t worry for those of you running to Google to learn more about RSS Feeds because this will take a while before it becomes common practice to use RSS Feeds. Right now to get an RSS Feed you need to subscribe to someone’s blog or other content management system. Soon though, it will be as easy to work with as regular email is. There will be RSS Outlook soon allowing you to create a message, add video or sound, format it, and then send it to one person or a group of subscribers via the RSS without publishing your content anywhere else.

A great appeal right now for RSS is that it is anonymous and you do not need to give out any personal information to subscribe to a Feed. This needs to and will change soon to allow for customized RSS Feeds that matches their users specific desires and interests. Also it will allow private RSS communication between individuals and groups of people SPAM free, with audio and video capabilities, and one hundred percent deliverability!

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