Archives for January 2008

Are Really Simple Syndication (RSS) Feeds Replacing Email?

There are hardly any internet users that understand what the orange box that is at the top of their browser. This is for Really Simple Syndication (RSS) which allows people to publish content and expose it to subscribers of your RSS feed. Currently over 80% of internet users do not know about or use … [Read more...]

Adding a FAQ’s Page for SEO Purposes

It is true that Search Engines like Frequently Asked Question's pages as they will lead to new anchor text and cached information. This will boost search engine rankings as this will be regarded as highly relevant, fresh, new content. This will give a good boost to SERP and to your company's … [Read more...]

Google PageRank Discrepancy

Recently it has been observed that Google is using inaccurate information regarding PagePank. When the Google PR is shown on our toolbar the PR is significantly lower than on Google's Directory. This affects everyone using the Google toolbar, as Google needs to address this problem immediately. This … [Read more...]

Welcome to the New Year

Welcome back to work everyone! I hope you had a great holiday season and great new Years. I look forward to talking more in depth about search engine optimization and Google's new updates it has in store for us this upcoming year. To get thing started I would like to talk about my findings as of … [Read more...]