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The 2008 Presidential Election and SEO

We have arrived with a new presidential elect after Tuesdays election. Barak Obama will be the upcoming president in January! This resulted from extensive campaigning both online and offline. We cannot forget the online marketing, which help raise awareness and win the presidential campaign for … [Read more...]

Google Recognizes Varieties in Keywords

Recently when I was performing a search for a few of my keywords I noticed that Google picks up different forms of word varieties. For example, when searching for "website optimizers" Google picked up both "optimizers" and "optimization" as a keyword for optimizers. This is something that must be … [Read more...]

Ranking on 4 Major Search Engines..Err 3 – Google, Yahoo, Bing

Everyone wants to have top rankings on the for big search engines; Google, Yahoo, MSN and Ask Jeeves. This is obtainable, but requires a lot of work and effort to ensure that every aspect of all the different algorithms are met. Since the algorithms are kept top secret, this makes for a difficult … [Read more...]

Maloof Money Cup A Success for Social Media

The first annual Maloof Money Cup was held at the OC fairgrounds in Costa Mesa. The turnout was great and the weather was perfect for a skate competition; especially one offering the largest prize pool ever ($400,000+) with first place receiving $100,000 in street. The winner turned out to be Paul … [Read more...]

Linking Pages to get Top Search Engine Ranking Positions

There is an interesting topic that I have been debating as to whether or not linking a top ranking site to a new site will give the new site top search engine rankings as well. There are too many variables in the Google algorithm to exactly find the answer to this question. For example back links, … [Read more...]

Building Links Strategy and Implementation

As we all know links are a valuable asset to gaining top search engine rankings. There are a few techniques that work best for gaining these invaluable links which are listed below. Note: These are tips for gaining reciprocal two way links, which are not as good as one way links. Find link … [Read more...]

Web Remodeling

Now at SEO Optimizers we offer web redevelopment making it easier for the end user to get to what they are looking for. We help remove the unnecessary clutter that is found in nearly every website. We look at the layout and start with that, then moving on to remove all repetitive words or clutter … [Read more...]

Are Really Simple Syndication (RSS) Feeds Replacing Email?

There are hardly any internet users that understand what the orange box that is at the top of their browser. This is for Really Simple Syndication (RSS) which allows people to publish content and expose it to subscribers of your RSS feed. Currently over 80% of internet users do not know about or use … [Read more...]

Adding a FAQ’s Page for SEO Purposes

It is true that Search Engines like Frequently Asked Question's pages as they will lead to new anchor text and cached information. This will boost search engine rankings as this will be regarded as highly relevant, fresh, new content. This will give a good boost to SERP and to your company's … [Read more...]

Google PageRank Discrepancy

Recently it has been observed that Google is using inaccurate information regarding PagePank. When the Google PR is shown on our toolbar the PR is significantly lower than on Google's Directory. This affects everyone using the Google toolbar, as Google needs to address this problem immediately. This … [Read more...]