iPhone Apps To Help Grow Your Business

iPhone Apps To Help Grow Your Business

iPhone Apps To Help Grow Your Business

Ever wondered why iphone users have been hooked onto it, especially people belonging to the productive age group? Well, iphone is not just a teeny bopper device for the tech-savy generation, it also has loads of applications that help you manage and improve your business, regardless of turnover and size.

Here is a peek-a-boo on the best smartphone applications of iphone that help business officials

iWik: this miniature version of Wikipedia provides you a huge database of information, with about 10 million articles. What’s more appealing is that you can search, go back, and also manage photos through this little Wikipedia application. Priced at just 0.99$, this is an amazing app for business information.

MobileChat: this is a background application that notifies you whenever new messages pour into your inbox. It’s fairly versatile given its integration with different kinds of services: AIM, MobileMe, ICQ, Windows Live, Yahoo, GTalk, etc. Pegged at just 2.99$, this application is a must for every business executive.

Jott for iphone: this is an amazing iphone application that transcribes the numerous spoken ideas into web messages and text. This is usually saved in archived emails and the application is available free of cost; however Jott account is mandatory.

Tripper: Are you a business executive on the move? You can manage your travel expenses through its data entry features: start and end destination listing. You can manage travel expenses associated with different clients through customizable categories. It also helps you record mileage while traveling through its advanced GPS system.

QuickBooks Online: this application is integrated with the accounting software of Intuit. This is used by small business owners to manage their credit and debit transactions in their bank account. Although the application is free, the monthly usage costs of this application are about 9.95$.

Classic RPN Calculator: this application resembles the 3-D conventional calculator in every sense of the term. You may use this application for general conversion of different parameters: weight, height, length, etc. Some of the common logarithmic and trigonometric functions can also be performed with this application.

PocketPunchclock: this is an amazing application for people who manage their projects and work on hourly basis. Thanks to this software, you can find the exact time elapsed for every task and maintain a record through numerous timesheets. This is location-specific with GPS technology.

SpeechCloud Voice Dialer: the iphone does not have the conventional business phone voicemail, but this application helps you fill that void. All you need to do is mention the person’s name when the application asks you after you have pressed the appropriate button.

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