How big data analysis helped President Obama defeat Romney in 2012 Elections

There is no doubt that big data helped President Obama win comfortably over his Presidential opponent Mitt Romney in 2012. While President Obama already had a huge database of 13 million email listings from 2008, Mitt Romney had to build his social media campaign from scratch as the Republicans did not indulge in social media marketing in the year 2008. On the other hand, President Obama’s social media strategy in 2012 involved tapping those 13 million people who supported him in 2008 Presidential elections through emails, Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms.

Rayid Ghani was hired in 2011 as the chief scientist of President Obama’s social media marketing through big data technology. Under his leadership, a team of big data scientists worked on analyzing huge databases of information in order to identify the tastes and preferences of different kinds of supporters. Rayid Ghani previously worked as the director of big data analytics at Accenture Technology labs. While the exact use of big data technology was kept under wraps, the names of the applications designed by the team were made public. Dreamcatcher was one of the most effective applications created by Obama’s team of data scientists. The applications helped in translating raw data for predictive analysis of latest ratings and voter preferences.

What marked the success of big data analysis in 2012 elections was the fact that it also drove latest marketing strategies such as targeted marketing and microsegmentation. In other words, messages for appealing votes were driven in a manner that captured the preferences of different kinds of voters. The huge database gathered from the 2008 elections was investigated by the team of  scientists, who worked relentlessly at the headquarters located in Chicago. The database was investigated to the core and details of each voter were recorded. Then, predictive analysis was used to assess the response of each kind of voter. This big data analysis was crucial in convincing different kinds of people to donate to the presidential campaign and help President Obama win the reelection comfortably over Mitt Romney.

Big data technology governed every aspect of President Obama’s 2012 election campaign. The conclusions derived from these kinds of analysis were used to target voters of every kind. Thus, while traditional Republicans used news television programs for their campaign ads, the Democrats aired their campaign ads on different kinds of television channels that were frequented by their supporters. As the team of scientists analyzed the response from every kind of marketing and advertising, the results were becoming extremely accurate and focused.  The 2012 Presidential elections not only reiterated the use of social media, it also introduced the world to a more sophisticated technology: the big data analysis.

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