Social Media: Growing Businesses and Creating Jobs

The social media world is as omnipresent now as it ever was and for many of the unemployed, this could be a viable avenue worth exploring. With the help of the Mark Zuckerburgs and the Jack Dorseys of the world, social media is bigger than ever in 2013 with no end of its phenomenal growth in site. Accessible by desktop, laptop, notebooks, and mobile devices; social media is really just ‘one click away’ to the billions of users that frequent the many social media platforms on a daily basis. This explosion of social media has created a niche for application developers to thrive as well as a way for small to large sized businesses to expand their growth while staying connected with their end users. This social media boom is allowing businesses to create a plethora of jobs that not long ago, were unavailable. A few of these jobs which are popping up on popular job boards such as Career Builder and Monster include website development, application development, and graphic design, opening several virtual doors to tech-savvy individuals. More and more companies are hopping onto this social media bandwagon in order to stay ahead of the trend rather then get bucked by it.

The abundance of new virtual jobs and website traffic that has been created by the social media explosion thanks to websites like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and Pinterest, has given potential social media job seekers an alternative to sitting in traffic while commuting to a typical ‘9-to-5’. With many of the social media jobs being something that you could essentially do from a laptop while sitting in your pajamas is a benefit that many employers are recognizing and have begun authorizing by allowing workers in these areas to have the option to telecommute and work from a virtual.

The virtual world is an ever-changing one and Facebook can be viewed as the pioneer that is blazing trails for all of the other social media platforms. Just a few years ago it was unlikely that a business would have a Facebook page, let alone a position in their company devoted to expanding business and spreading the word about the products or services that the particular company in question offers. In today’s social media driven world, companies are paying SEO experts, marketing professionals, and social media managers to build and run social media campaigns for their companies to literally get individuals to “like” their business and its profile page on Facebook.

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