How Facebook Graph Search can revolutionize your online advertising campaign

Mark Zuckerberg presenting the idea of Facebook Graph Search

Mark Zuckerberg presenting the idea of Facebook Graph Search

While we were frustrated with the stagnancy of Facebook ads, the recent introduction of Facebook Graph Search has only flushed a new wave in social media marketing. What does a person’s Facebook profile mean to an average online advertising professional? It means an entity in the wealth of personal data furnished by thousands of Facebook users. It is rightly said that birds of the same weather flock together. So, we generally prefer using products and services liked by our friends. We also prefer frequenting places and hotels recommended by our friends.

Suppose you wish to go on a vacation to Venice, Italy. How do you go about selecting the right hotel for your vacation? A plain Google search will give you a list of “Hotels in Venice”. However, when you type “List of hotels in Venice that my friends like”,  Facebook Graph Search will provide you with a list of hotels in Venice that are actually liked by your friends. Your search results will be customized in accordance with the likes and tastes of your connections.  Sadly, this sounds like a threat for Google as it cannot provide such kind of search results that are focused on the likes of individuals.

How Likes of your friends produce personalized search results: Facebook Graph Search

How will this affect online advertising revenue? Now, marketers can heave a sigh of relief as relevancy and specificity of content on their Facebook Pagewill help them gain recognition. Ensure the location of your business is displayed exactly the way it is presented on your company website. Try making the content of Facebook more interactive with “Call to Action” tabs. Ensure your “About us” is complete with correct information associated with the following parameters: name, business service, and URL.

Previously, marketers would buy Facebook ads and create umpteen likes for their Facebook business pages. However, these likes would not actually monetize into revenues as consumers would stop getting newsfeed from these pages. They would even go to the extent of reporting these pages as spam. Today, Facebook Graph Page has indeed revolutionized the way we conduct search on the internet: search is now beyond the crawling and indexing gimmicks of Pagerank and keywords. The data is personalized and every user will get information that best suits his or her personality.

The onus of increasing revenues today lies in creating an interactive Facebook Page. The Graph search only reinstates that content is king. You need to attract the right kind of fans and increase likes for your facebook page through various tactics. You may facilitate tagging of photos by fans in your facebook page or boost the visibility of fans by providing interesting offers and deals. Holding interactive questionnaire can also provide valuable insight to your company’s services. As the search is getting personalized, the onus of being recognized in a particular category and place has become simpler and well-defined.

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