The Case for Podcasting as a Social Media Marketing Tool

Not much is said about podcasting when it comes to social media marketing. Consider this definition for social media: Any media that allows participation from users, and one in which those same users can contribute to. That describes much of what happens on websites that publish podcasts. Whether it’s in forums, comments posted in response to podcasts, or Facebook and Twitter accounts linked to podcasts, it’s hard to argue that podcasting is not a form of social media.

How Podcasting Works

With a computer microphone and/or access to a free conference telephone service online, you can be up and running with your own podcast. You can download Audacity, play around with the program and learn how to edit your own podcasts. BlogTalkRadio is a podcasting service that can help you create and publish podcasts if you don’t want to do it all on your own, and there are other services out there as well. Once you’ve recorded your podcast and are pleased with the finished product, you simply upload it your website and other websites, such as iTunes.


Social Media Aspects of Podcasting

Once the podcast is uploaded, it’s up to you to do the social media marketing to get listeners to interact. Here are some tips that have proven to be effective:


  • Ask listeners to volunteer to moderate forums, and “feed” recent forum comments on the home page
  • Encourage listeners to leave a voice message asking questions, and answer them during the shows
  • Post YouTube videos to illustrate concepts that you talked about during the podcasts and publish them on the podcast website as well
  • Encourage listeners to follow you on Twitter and to join you on Facebook

You don’t even have to host your own podcast if you’re not inclined towards that form of marketing. Hire someone with broadcasting experience to do it for you.

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