Review Websites Are Not to Be Ignored

If you’ve ever looked at a product on Amazon from a major company, you might have noticed that there are hundreds of reviews. When you look at products for lesser known companies, there may not even be one. It’s not necessarily because people aren’t buying it. The difference is often because major companies have the staff and budget to solicit positive reviews for their products. They don’t ignore the influence that reviews have, and you shouldn’t either as a small business owner.

Tips for Getting Positive Reviews

Even though it’s common practice, it’s not ethical to pay for positive reviews. Consumers aren’t stupid, and many quickly catch on to the fact that the reviews they’re reading about were paid for by the company. As an act of rebellion, they may just post a negative review with the hopes that it will rise to the top. They may just read the critical reviews only, if the positive reviews appear to be bought and paid for. Instead of hiring random freelance writers to write positive reviews for your products, try a more honest approach:


  • Deliver products on time, and include a note in the packaging asking customers to post a review
  • Don’t exaggerate the product description on your website or on other retail websites
  • Offer a profitable but fair price, because an overpriced product will be heavily scrutinized and one mistake can result in many negative reviews
  • Email your list asking for customers to review products and thank them again for their purchase
  • Resolve any disputes raised in a negative review, and ask the customer to explain that it’s been resolved or post your review explaining the resolution

Soliciting and tracking reviews takes work, but you should include it in your marketing time. You cannot afford to ignore them.

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Review Websites Are Not to Be Ignored, 10.0 out of 10 based on 2 ratings
  • Monish Kumar M

    In eBay, though there are numerous good reviews for a product, it is not always a good choice to get it from them. 

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  • Resell SEO

    If you want to get reviews, you can ask your customers for good ones. Well, given that you’ve delivered something good that deserves a good review. The reason why you shouldn’t ignore the review sites is because those are the places where the people look for potential sellers of the products or services that they need.

    = Gerald Martin =

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  • EJean1981

    So doing the right thing is likely to lead to better results in the long run. Common sense, but many people do not exhibit common sense. 

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  • Margaret Reulet

    What I love about review sites is that it’s a hub where you’ll be able to get inspiration or even become a smart shopper.

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  • Business Process Outsourcing

    Whenever I stumble upon review websites, I always think that what is written are all lies. The article is paid. I am not really sure though. That is why I look for reviews on real bloggers who actually use the product or service. On SEO perspective, review websites bring a lot of opportunities to build backlinks and traffic. That is all I can say. 

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