Top 10 Revenue Sources For Google 2011 Infographic

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How to Build and Maintain a Small Business Brand

To build a brand is to build the essence of your company through the eyes and ears of your customers, colleagues, and even your competition. It's not an easy task in any environment but it can be exceptionally difficult to do a proper job of building a brand in the small business environment without … [Read more...]

Google Plus – The New Social Media Marketing Breakthrough

The Social Media market is already fraught with different social networking websites. So, how can Google Plus even be able to compete with the networking websites like Facebook and Twitter. But, it seems that with the introduction of the Google's announcement of Search Plus Your World, a revised … [Read more...]

Top 5 Common Business Misconceptions On Online Marketing

In an era of technological innovations, many businesses are embracing the trend of online marketing as a tool to augment their business model. That is all well and good but there are many common misconceptions businesses hold about online marketing. Apart from the understanding that online … [Read more...]

Google + Is Nowhere Close To Catching Facebook

When social media took flight in the days of Myspace, nobody expected it to be the way it is now. MySpace introduced the world to a new way of communication that seemed to change the life of every person. Then Facebook came along using the basics of MySpace while adding new features to enhance the … [Read more...]

Is Your Password Strong Enough to Stop Internet Hackers?

In this era of digital technology, shared information and social media you can not go a day without hearing somebody claiming they have been hacked. Athletes, celebrities, politicians and average citizens are the target of hackers who make a living by making our lives miserable. We could blame this … [Read more...]

Facebook vs Twitter vs Google Plus for Small Businesses

What works for one business might not work for another, and Facebook, Google Plus, and Twitter each have their pros and cons. As a result, many businesses create pages on all three sites, thinking that “more is better”. However, I don't think that's always advisable, especially for small businesses. … [Read more...]

Landing A Job In Social Media Marketing News

Social media has exploded in recent years due to sites such as YouTube, Yelp, Facebook, Twitter, and thousands of other social marketing websites. What really stared the trend was in 2004 at a web conference the term “Web 2.0” was coined by Tim O’ Rilley. Web 2.0 is a way for internet users to … [Read more...]

Five Social Media Trends for Small Businesses

There are so many different social media platforms these days and tons of trends in each of those channels. As a small business, in the face of such overwhelming information, it can be difficult to determine where your time and efforts are best invested in social media. Here are five of the most … [Read more...]