Facebook Partnership With Netflix

If you are one of millions who use Netflix then you probably know all about the recent changes. Many of their customers were upset with the pricing change and some didn’t mind at all. Those who were upset about pricing were even more upset with the split of streaming and DVD. Just when it looked like Netflix took on more than it could handle, the world caught wind of its new partnership with Facebook.

When Mark Zuckerberg speaks it is sure to draw a crowd and that is exactly what happened at Facebook’s f8 conference. He wasn’t just talking about Facebook and its new features, he was using his credibility as a way to stop the onslaught of backlash directed towards Netflix.. If you are wondering how Facebook has anything to do with Netflix, Mark Zuckerberg answered that question when he introduced Netflix Chief Reed Hastings at the well publicized developers conference. Netflix has a large base of users and I am sure half the people in that room had some kind of opinion about the price change and company split.

The introduction of Facebooks partnership with Netflix just might be what Netflix needed to get its stock price going up instead of down. Facebook can help because they have more users than Netflix and that means a good percentage of Netflix users are probably active users of Facebook. The luxury of being able to watch Netflix content on Facebook is sure to sit well with Facebook users. Word of this partnership seemed like the best way to repair the Netflix brand and Reed Hastings public appeal. That is until you look further into the partnership and realize that this feature will not even be available to Facebook users in the United States. It looks like The Video and Privacy Act of 1988 is going to keep Facebook users waiting if the law isn’t changed soon.

Word of the Facebook and Netflix partnership couldn’t have come at a better time because Dish Network just introduced its streaming and DVD delivery option. Netflix has seen competition in the past but the Dish Network /Blockbuster option is available for the old Netflix price of $10 a month. This could be a threat but it will only be available to people who subscribe to Dish Network. As social media changes, users will want more options to keep themselves active. It seems like Facebook predicted this and managed to make the right move again.

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