8 SEO Tips to Increase Online Exposure

Getting your website noticed online can be a difficult proposition. Beyond choosing a catchy domain name, what tools are at your disposal to increase your online exposure? One of the best tools available for this purpose is SEO – search engine optimization. This process works by creating web … [Read more...]

Death Of Two Icons Is Big News In Social Media

The death of a high profile celebrity is always a big story in the news. When you have not one but two cultural icons pass away in the same week, news outlets end up working overtime. With so much attention given to the death of Steve Jobs and Al Davis it was easy to see why social media websites … [Read more...]

Twitter CEO Happy With 100 Million Monthly Users

If you are like millions of people worldwide, social media is a big part of your daily life. For some Facebook is their home but millions have found a use for Twitter. There is even a group that consist of millions who are active users of both Twitter and Facebook. Although Facebook is sitting … [Read more...]

Facebook Scam Using Steve Jobs Name

Just when you thought people had learned the meaning of respect, a select group have sunken to a new low. It seems as if the internet and social media has left us all vulnerable to people with too much time on their hands. It has got to a point where hackers and scam artist will use the death of an … [Read more...]

Facebook Closing In On 1 Billion Users

Your not alone if you wake up in the morning and take the time to express yourself on Facebook. People of all ages have made Facebook their home base for social media interaction. When I say all ages, I'm referring to parents setting up a page for their kids and grand kids showing their grandparents … [Read more...]

Michelle Obama’s First Tweet

The world is wrapped up in a web of social media with no way out. Those who thought they could go without social media, have realized how much of a benefit it can be. Whether you are just keeping in touch with friends and family or promoting products, there is some kind of use for Twitter and other … [Read more...]

Marketing: The Two Fold Goal

Product positioning and advertising is a marketing strategy that’s familiar to many people in the business arena and you should also know there’s more to marketing. Satisfying customer needs should be the main focus of your marketing strategy. How will you as a marketer know about the need of a … [Read more...]

Help With Understanding ActiveX Control

ActiveX control are small programs that enhance your browsing experience. These small programs help your browser have more features and more functions than the standard browser. Firefox is the best example of a browser that has many, even hundreds of possible add-ons or plug-ins, as they are often … [Read more...]

Java-based Math Applications for Your Mobile Phones

There has always been a great demand for the Apple-based applications and the Android applications. The internet is flooded with information on such applications. But, what about the lesser-known phones like the cheaper phones or the simple Java-based phones? Well, I don’t see a majority of the … [Read more...]

5 Common Myths About Blogging

Blogging has become the integral part of the web. Through blogging we share content, information, knowledge, views with everyone in the world. It has become the important source for providing updated news and information and also a major source of income too. Through continuous writing on blogs, one … [Read more...]